Yesterday I received this from Ukraine: Well done!

Friedrich (Germany)


Note to Veterans for Peace: Dear VFP, Regarding the crisis in Ukraine, I urge you to consider an organizational endorsement and/or supportive comment for the Peace Letter from Dresden Friends of Peace, Germany, to the OSCE and Council of Europe.

Dennis (Germany)


We have sent out a call to the world to come to peace immediately 

Yurii (Ukraine)


Let me point out two recent initiatives that may be relevant in the context of the Peace Letter to OSCE and European Council - a US and a Russian one:


30.01.22 "If only war will not happen" - Statement of Peace Supporters against the Party of War in the Russian leadership Automatic translation to English:

Dennis (Germany)


Dear Secretary General Helga Maria Schmid,

We totally support the Peace Letter drafted by Dresden Friends of Peace. We too believe the OSCE and Council of Europe can be effective mediators between the nuclear-armed states of Russia and the United States/NATO toward de-escalation and mutual resolution of the crisis in Ukraine.

We support the demands of the Peace Letter to implement the Minsk Agreement, reduce military deployments to Ukraine, and especially, to curtail the flow of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine.

We urge the OSCE and Council of Europe to work toward a European community that includes Russia and Ukraine and the Western European states in a Nuclear Free Zone. 

We can only live in peace and security when we cooperate on the larger issues of arms control, disarmament, elimination of nuclear weapons, and the global crisis of climate change.

Toward a peaceful and nuclear-free future,

Dennis and Michelle (Germany)


Your statement is generally fine except I think it goes a bit easy on US-UK-NATO.

At the least I'd suggest adding a demand for the US to shut down its cruise missile launch facilities in Romania and Poland. You can add my name and the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

Bruce (USA)


Achim comments a Statement based on Team Input

DiEM25 is alarmed at the rapid buildup of military equipment in Ukraine and surrounding
regions. The transfer of Western troops and materiel to a region with an eight year old
conflict - as well as stationing thousands of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border -  will
certainly embolden warmongers. This in turn - as history bears witness - leads to further
militarisation from all sides that ultimately benefits the military-industrial complex. 

We thus continue to see Western leaders remaining subservient to the hegemonic desires of
the United States and its ruling elite. In response, undemocratic regimes delve deeper into
authoritarianism as a counter-hegemonic strategy causing an interdependent status quo that
each side uses to justify their actions. 

We are furthermore concerned at the silence of ‘progressive’ voices and broader civil
inaction against deeper militarisation of Europe - giving rise to NATO comfortably
incorporating an additional fourteen nations since the end of the Cold War. We are also
witnessing the dysfunction of international systems designed to address matters of ‘peace
and international security’ - with the United Nations seemingly unable to act beyond the

DiEM25 therefore calls for:
 Any and all ongoing political conflicts must be resolved through peaceful and
diplomatic means - military options should be explicitly removed from the negotiation
 Provocative actions, be they troop build-ups, delivery of arms, large scale military
exercise or continued talks on further expansion of military alliances should cease
 No further expansion of NATO - with a goal of making NATO obsolete through the
development of a common peace system in Europe and the rest of the world
 Implementing the Green New Deal for Europe which makes militarized accumulation
 Deescalation of rhetorics and an end to the promotion of war by mainstream media
 Convening of a conference of progressives - from all sides in the political conflict - to
develop a common position and organise civil society actions and protests towards
peaceful resolution of political conflict

The continued investment in the war machine takes us further away from cooperating on the
real challenges of our time, such as climate change and global inequality. There is no need
for apathy or resignation, on the contrary, we should seize the moment and take the Demos
literally. There is a way out of conflict to peace.

This ist our statement on the Ukraine conflict. Has been published on the DiEM25 WEB page. We call for joint protests against the escalation around Ukraine. No war in Ukraine!

Best regards Achim, Menber of the Peace and International Policy DiEM25 Spontaneous Collective (International)

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